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Visit the Stirling Ranges

Touring - the Stirling Ranges

The stunning Stirling Ranges are within day trip distance of Denmark - about 90 minutes driving each way - or can be visited as a detour in your journey between Denmark and Perth, or Denmark and Esperance - see Google Map.

A wildflower wonderland

Stirling Range National Park has 1,500 species of wildflowers, 87 of which grow nowhere else in the world. There are more species of plants found in the Stirling Range than in the entire British Isles.

This is one reason why late spring and early summer (October to December) is a wonderful time to visit the Stirlings, the wildflowers being at their best at that time. Another is the warmer weather, although even in spring it can be unpredictable, particularly on the higher slopes. Visitors should bear in mind that it is not unusual for the temperature to suddenly drop and rain or hail to set in. Winter, between June and August, is cold and wet and visitors should be prepared for fairly severe conditions.

Visitors are strongly advised not to enter the bush or use footpaths on days of extreme fire danger.

Climate, spectacular cloud formations ... and even snow

Because of the height of the peaks and the proximity of the Park to the south coast, the climate in the ranges differs from that of the surrounding district, which is the main reason for the great variety of wildflowers.

The Stirling Range is known for its unusual and sometimes spectacular cloud formations. The range is also one of few places in Western Australia where snow occasionally falls, which can happen on the highest peaks several times each year. On most occasions it is only a light powdering, or the snow melts on impact, however falls above 5 cm have been reported on Bluff Knoll. Snow may occur at any time in winter and sometimes in spring.

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View from Talyuberup Peak

Stirling Range National Park

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